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The Demonics CD Demons on Wheels

This is the band's second release that was put out on Man's Ruin Records in the fall 2000.

The Demonics "Combine an infectious, hook-laden hard rock/punk blend with an obsession with '60s biker movies, and you have the Demonics, whose Demons on Wheels is an invigorating exercise in rowdy, reckless fun. If this California band had been around in the '60s, this release would have been the perfect soundtrack for Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider. Everything on the CD is about the misadventures of bikers, and infectious gems like "Race Against Dawn," "Dustin' the Fuzz," "Dunebuggy Denise," and "Fuel-Injected Suicide Machine" give the impression that the Demonics loved every minute of Easy Rider "   - Alex Henderson

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