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Do you want to make shirts or posters, but don't have a design?


      No problem! We not only print shirts here at the Lucky Mule, we design them as well.  Most of the shirts and posters you see in the Lucky Mule Collection have been designed by Courtney Callahan, the owner and founder of the Lucky Mule.

      If you need a logo for your business or band, a shirt to sell at the swap meets, an event poster, or any other design needs - we've got you covered. We also design album covers and layouts for CD's, 45's and LP records.

      Our affordable rates guarantee that you get a top-notch design at a reasonable price. We charge $50 an hour for design.  We have a 1 hour minimum design charge. We are fast, so this ensures you won't have to break the bank for a great design.  Have a clear idea of what you want and send us reference material to insure we bring your vision to life quickly and efficiently. 

      The photos are a small sample of some of our design work, give us a call or email when you are ready make your very own custom design.


Order $100 worth of Lucky Mule products and get free shipping. Domestic Mail Orders only.

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