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Offset Posters vs Screen Printed Posters

If you are on a tight budget or need a large quantity of posters offset posters might be the way to go for you. Offset printing is great for large volume print runs 1000+ and is a cheaper way to promote. Paper and ink application is generally thinner and the process lends its self to reproducing more photographic like images, high details, exact color match and is used often for mass media. Minimum run of 250. 

Screen printed posters are more artistic and great for small runs 50-1000. Paper and ink application is typically thicker and more tactile. This process is done by hand and very time consuming so tends to be a bit more expensive. All posters are hand numbered and signed by the artist as "limited editions" adding to the value of the print which increases in value over time. Minumum run of 50.

Please email or give us a call (510)451-2177 to discuss your order and get a quote.

What we will need to start printing your job.


Art Work

  • Acceptable file formats Jpeg, Tiff, Psd, Pdf and Eps
  • For larger files you can use You Send it or Dropbox
  • Contact us if you would like to email the file over
  • You can bring the art on paper and we can scan it
  • You can bring it over on a zip drive or cd

Deposit & Payment

  • A 50% deposit towards the total is due before we begin your job. The balance will be due upon completion.
  • If you are out-of-state (CA) or are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, complete payment is due in advance.
  • Acceptable forms of payment include:
    Cash or Money Orders
    Company Checks  (we can not accept out of state checks)
    We accept credit card payments through PayPal contact us for the email
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery Cards (add 2% service charge) .
    Wire transfer (add $30 transfer fee)

 Paper & Quantity

What type of paper would you like to print your poster on?
We typically use a non archival 80-100 lb. cover or text white paper. Different color papers and archival papers are available but can be more expensive and depends on availability and brand for cost. Maximum image size is 15 x 23. The border around the image needs to be at least 1.5 inches.
How many posters do you want to make?
If your poster is 1-2 colors the minimum run is 50,  3-4 colors the minimum run is 100, and 5-6 color minimum run is 150. Keep in mind minimum runs can cost more per piece than a larger print run.


 Ink Colors

  • We will need PMS or pantone colors for each ink to reproduce your art work.  This is a guide and will not be an exact color match.


Contact information

We will need the following information:
  • Phone Numbers (work and home)
  • Email Address
  • Name and Mailing Address ( if out of state or you need us to ship.)
  • Your Business Name or name you would like the invoice made to


Due Date

  • Let us know when you need the job completed.
  • It is best to give us at least 3-4 weeks to complete your order, but the more time in advance, the better.
  • Out-of-state (CA) orders add 1 week for shipping.

For California residents only - Resale Card 


If you don't already have art work for your poster we can help.

We have been designing and printing posters here for over 20 years and understand how to use  opaque, transparent and semi transparent inks to get the most out of the inks and get you more colors.  Its best to do art specifically for the poster, rather than try to make a poster out of existing art.  We have the a good understanding of what works and what does not so if you are  designing your poster please contact us with questions or concerns so we can make a great poster for you.  Otherwize we are happy to make the poster art for you just contact us so we can get started making you a beautiful poster.


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