Lucky Mule

The Demonics

The Demonics are a 3 piece California Drag punk band that mix 1 part Ramones, 1 part Beach Boys and a good dose of Motorhead.  Hailing from San Francisco, the band formed in 1994 and played their first show in SF for the SFISS soapbox derby in 1995 and put out four LPs, and nine 7''s.  They played mostly around California with bands like Turbonegro, Queens of the Stoneage, Super Suckers, The Dictators, The Real Kids, The Dwarves, Pearl Harbor, Dick Dale, Deadbolt, US Bombs, HellBillys, Me First & the Gimmie Gimmies, Groovy Ghoulies, ect... They are still together although they rarely play out any more.  Court the owner of Lucky Mule was the original drummer and is on all the recordings.



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